Frugal Friday: Solid+Print

Hi all,

We all know prints have been buzzing the fashion scene for quite some time now and everyone is doing or attempting to do it. Most of the time we see print on print styling(which if done right could be eye candy. Stay tuned for mine ;)). Today I bring you  (drum roll) solid+ print. It is extremely easy to try out and get a WIN with the look almost all the time. As long as you know how to put colors together well- without looking like a clown, you are good to go. Now I always say, when in doubt, always go with white or black(the best and easiest colors out there).

The look below can easily be transitioned from work to night time(as you have noticed, I love transitional pieces).

Strappy sandals to go out at night, or a pump heel to head to both work and night out. A blue or black blazer will go just well with it also. Simple accessories to complete the look.

Skirt--$15 --Zara
Necklace-- Gifted (DIY)
Marc Jacobs Watch -- $80 ---TJMaxx
Studs-- $0.99 -- thrifted

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below :)

Stay Chic, Look Kente


It's all about eBay

Hello friends,

So there's four things I cannot live without-- God, Family, Friends, and eBay! eBay has been enhancing my life since '08 aka my freshmen year of college. I would go on there and find cute one of a kind things or trends for almost nothing.  Let's just say this only added fuel to my shopping problem and its been a few years since our beautiful relationship began and I'm still obsessed.

Here are some of my fave eBay purchases over the last year or so

    Door Knocker Earings-- $9.50                                        Gold Clip on earrings -- $8.99



KENZO Paris wide leg Pants-- $29.00                         Sequin Dress (great for NYE)-- $29.00

     Hat-- $12.00                                                       Tulle Skirt-- $10.66

See why I love eBay?? Great things for what you probably spent on lunch today.

So here are some of my eBay shopping tips:

1) Be as descriptive as possible ( Just don't search "dresses" instead I would search probably search "Vintage sequin dress" or "Deep V peplum dress." That way it's more specific to the look you're going for.

2) Set a price range (I cannot stress this enough! Set a price range so you don't even have to see things that are out of your budget and you save yourself having to debate over whether or not it's worth it.

3) Verify (eBay sells a lot of brands so make sure you're buying something that it is legit. Usually you can tell buy the item picture posted whether or not it's real and a lot of descriptions will also let you know its not)

4) First, make an offer (If you see something you absolutely cannot live without but the price is way to high, many sellers will allow you to make an offer that is lower that the presented price. Do this! Start low and then gradually go up until you reach your limit. I once saw a jumpsuit that was advertised for $60.00 and ended up getting it for $40.00.)

Let me know if any of these tips work for you or if you have any additional tips to share with me, please do. Until next time-- Happy shopping!

Stay chic, Look Kente


Spotlight Monday: The Wrap Dress

Now that the craze and excitement of New York Fashion Week(NYFW) has come to an end, we can look back and analyze some of the beautiful pieces that ran through the different runways. Now as shoppers on a budget, we have to be very mindful of how we spend on these pieces. These designer brands throw out extremely high prices on their products that us regular Jill and Jack can't afford. Now unless you are willing to put aside your lunch money for a whole year, then you can afford one of the beautiful Oscar de la Renta gowns just in time for a fabulous New Years eve bash :). Then again it will be out of season by the time you wear it lol (hmmm future post maybe?). Nonetheless, one of the designers I enjoyed this year was Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). Don't get me wrong I LOVED almost all the designs I saw this year but hers always gets me. Reason being, she has mastered the art of wrap dresses. We can even call her the Queen of wrap dresses because she never fails when it comes to them.

A wrap dress I believe is a staple piece every woman should have. It is simple, looks great on every size and shape, and transitions easily. It can be worn to work as well as a night out in town. We all know happy hours come in handy so if you want to look sexy yet classy, throw on that wrap dress in the morning with a blazer and you are good to go, then take of the blazer at night time, accessorize and can't nobody tell you, you are not sexy! 

DVF constantly gives us that!
See below some of my favorite wrap dresses from her collection and also find similar styles for less.



 Photos courtesy of Silouhettetrends




Photo courtesy of asos.com
4) ASOS PETITE Obi Wrap Midi Dress: $75.28(worth it)

Stay Chic, Look Kente


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Frugal Friday: Tarjay all the way!

Hello all,

So I was in Target, which by the way is one of my FAVES because their designer collaborations are always on point, looking for some workout leggings and stumbled upon this lovely Phillip Lim for Target frock. I thought it was perfect for work because it added some fun to my closet  while still allowing me to be chic for drinks after.

Add some cute accessories to make it pop and you're good to go!

Phillip Lim for Target Dress-- $19.98--- Target
BCBGeneration Shoes-- Under $20 (forgot the price) -- Macy's
Zara Bag-- $19.99-- Zara
Necklace-- $3.00-- Thrift Store

Not bad, right?

Stay chic, look kente


Style Post: Fringe+Knit

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. I like to feel comfortable in whatever I wear. I always go for the stretch jeans(so I know I can breathe in them, since skinny is in lol). eventhough these coated legging jeans make my thighs look massive(hands covers face), I still love the color, the fit and how comfortable they are. I try to always pair it with a loose top or sweater to give it that comfy chic look. A pair of boots or heels gives the outfit a little extra ummphh.

Sweater: Tommy Hillfiger (by way of TJ-Maxx) - $20.00
Jeans: Gap - $23.00
Shoes: Zara(old) - $30

What do you think? 
Feel free to comment, and your thoughts are always highly welcomed. 

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Style Post: Striped

Today, I went to lunch with my friend and I was inspired by an outfit Nicole Richie wore where she had on a white shirt, blazer, and wide leg jeans. I sought to do a similar version of that but with prints, because I LOVE PRINTS.

True Religon Jeans-- $29.97-- (by way or Nordstrom Rack)
 Talbots Collard Shirt-- (gift from mom)
Blazer--$7.00-- Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses-- $5.80-- Forever 21
Purse-- $55.00-- (Got it in Beijing when I studied abroad)
Necklace--$16.00-- Nastygal

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Spotlight Monday: The Advantages of Sales

You all know what they say, "the best things in life are free". Well I say, "the best outfits generate from the sale rack." I woke up Saturday morning, whilst checking my emails as I do every morning, I saw a huge red subject line screaming SALE 70% off!!! Of-course I immediately sat up to read clearly what this sale was about. Now I subscribe to all these different sites such as: Gilt, Bauble Bar, Cusp, and many more just to be updated on discounted items and sales(I suggest you do the same). That morning I received an email from ASOS, which I am quite sure millions of other girls and guys did :). Nonetheless, 70% off! I had to browse! Please see below some of the items I put on my shopping cart. These email reminders help you shop while saving loads of money(it can also empty your pocket if you don't have self control, be careful). Instead of going on a whimsical shopping spree and spending more than expected, I normally put say $100 on the side because, I know I receive updates on sale items therefore, I browse through them and shop within that budget so that I get a bang for my buck. 






As we have alluded several times, spring is right around the corner. Therefore, get your spring colors, dresses, shoes, etc. ready because we are oh-so-over this winter weather. Most of the items on the list are well below $50 dollars each. Therefore, you can pick and choose which ones you love the most and save the rest for later. 
I hope you liked some of my favorite pieces as much as I do. 
Please feel free to comment below your thoughts, send us images of how you styled your pieces if you do decide to shop Asos 70% off sale and we will post them for inspirational looks. 

Stay chic, Look Kente

All images courtesy of asos.com


Frugal Friday: A Little Lace Dress

Frugal Friday posts gives you, our readers, a chance to enter into our closets and browse through our new finds. 
This past weekend, a friend and I went into Zara to take a last look at its final sale items. As soon as I walked in, I saw this lace dress hiding behind several dresses. Of-course I ran and grabbed it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything lace. There is something so sexy yet classy about wearing the right lace attire. Lucky enough, the dress I picked up was right on point, it was my size and the price was within my budget. Outfit ideas were already roaming through my mind as I tried it on. Since it is a simple LBD(little black dress), I figured I'd style it with immense simplicity adding pops of color(I always have to add pops of color in any outfit I wear). 
See below on how I would potentially style my lace LBD. 

 Blue and black always looks good together

 One can never go wrong with gold jewelry

Dress: Zara- $19.99
Shoes: Zara (gifted)
Bag: Alice & Olivia (by way of TJMaxx)- &29.99
Jewelry: Texas Thrift(Arlington) - 99cents each

see below to find similar LBDs for less. 

Black Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Dress: $34.09

How would you style your LBD? 
Feel free to comment below your thoughts and of-course send in your styled items for us to share with our viewers.

Stay Chic, Look Kente.