Frugal Friday: Floral dress

Hi all, I hope you are as happy as I am that it is Friday? I plan on making good use of this weekend since the weather will, hopefully remain nice. If you are in the East coast, you know exactly what I am talking about. Ofcourse you all know, Friday, at Look Kente means, we get to share our cool pieces of the week. So, I took a little lesson out of Terry's book and visited Nordstrom rack. It is literally a block away from my job(I know, I know, this will not be good for my "budget" lol). Despite that, I was able to find two items at a great price. I got a beautiful floral dress that I can wear to the office as well as out to dinner or attend an event. The converses, I have wanted them for some time now and the Nike store had them at a slightly higher price. Therefore, when I saw how cheap they were, I grabbed them very quick lol. I also visited TJMaxx (I consider myself a Maxxanista lol) where I feel in love with my "silver bullets" as I call them and couldn't help but get them.


I am definitely liking the dress and sneaker look so stay tuned for a post on that. 

Dress-- Nordstrom Rack-- $10
All Star Converse-- Nordstrom Rack-- $30
Wing tips(silver bullets)-- Sam Edelman by way of TJMaxx-- $30

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Pour Homme: Spring shoes

Hello all,

I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure every girl loves a well dressed man. Most men however tend to be more relaxed when it comes to affairs of fashion. If you want the guy in your life --whether it be your brother, boyfriend, best friend, or dad--dressed to perfection chances are he's going to need some guidance.

This week we've decided to look at shoes. Being that Winter is coming to a close, here are some shoes to help him transition into the perfect spring wardrobe.


1When looking for mens shoes I would try sites like belk, 6pm.com & Saks OFF Fifth because they tend to have a wide range of shoes from different designers that appeal to different budget

2) Go to stores like Nordstrom's, Neiman's Last Call, and Macy's and you can usually find really good deals especially if you start by scanning the sales rack then working your way up to full price items. These stores do great seasonal reductions and you will be able to find great quality shoes for half the price or sometimes more
Let us know if these tips work for you or if you have any of your own.


Spotlight Monday: Y-Not!

Late last year, The trio of the Y-Not street wear team, came up with their newest collection of classic tees called "Say Grace". This collection consisted of sky blue hues, bold reds and classic, crisp white colors. It literally had us all SAYING GRACE! I had the pleasure of attending their pop-up shop event  in Arlington, TX and saw different ways of styling their tees. It was an interesting event to say the least but I was proud of the Y-Not team. They have worked hard throughout the years to grow their brand and with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Now Terry and I decided to showcase how we would style our Say Grace Tees. Terry got the "Bless Up" Tee while I got the "Christ Like View" Tee.

Now, you can get more details about Y-Not and their Tees by following them on twitter.

Style Post: Sporty+Lace

I have been wanting to try the sporty look for some time now. When I saw Karla of Karla's Closet post a look on that, I decided to give it a go. Now I scammed through my closet and behold my favorite green lace skirt and a burgundy hoodie went well. It was great color mix at first sight :).

Hoodie-- Gap-- $10
Skirt-- Zara-- $15 
Shoes-- Zara-- Gifted 

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Style Post: Black, White and Pink

I am so glad that the weather is getting warm. Now I can bring out my spring clothes and wear color without hesitation. 

Shirt-- Thrifted-- 99cents
Skirt-- Calvin Klein by way of TJMaxx-- $10
Shoes-- Asos-- $20

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Style Post: Blackout

First, let me start by saying I usually never wear all black. I'm from the south, where it's usually hot, and wearing black makes you feel like you've stepped even further into the pits of fire. Today, I decided to try all black-- a that so many of my east coast besties abide by.

Giacca coat--$84.99 
Topshop dress-- $20.00
Zara boots-- $49.99
H&M tights-- $9.99
Necklace-- $3.00-- Thrift store
Forever 21 Sunglasses-- $5.80

Stay Chic, Look Kente


Pour Homme: The Trench Effect

Last week while minding my own business at work, a young man walked in looking extremely sharp in his navy blue trench coat. As he walked out, I couldn't help myself but to extend a warm compliment for brightening up my day-partially :). A few weeks ago, a guy I know told me he wanted a long trench coat. Now I thought to myself, "maybe I was meant to do a post on trench coats for guys :)." Well, there you have it fellows, a post just for you all, on the different trench coats you can get and I will try to keep them at maximum $100 or slightly more. Visiting a thrift store can also find you a nice trench at a very good price. If you are lucky, it just might be a famous brand.
With that said, Look Kente will use its Pour Homme section to answer any questions you have in regards to men's style, suggestions you need and most importantly, any styling tips you want to incorporate into your daily looks.

Topman Double Breasted Trench Coat: $150

Topman Double Breasted Wool Blend Trench Coat: $180

Stay Chic, Look Kente