Style Post: 2 shoes, 4 looks (2)

Sweater- Gap- $10.00
Skirt- Zara- $15.00
Chucks- $30.00
Shoes- 14th & Union- $20.00
Bag- Thrifted- $2.00

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Style Post: 2 shoes, 4 looks (1)

I have been obssesed with my new chucks and I literally carry them with me everyday to work. I normally wear them walking home and on my morning ride to work. You know, blend in with the cool group that walks home lol. Nonetheless, they look good with everything. See these

Shirt- Thrifted- $1.00
Jeans- Gap- $10.00
Chucks- Nordstrom Rack- $30.00
Shoes- 14th & Union- $20.00
Bag- Mystique Clothing- Gifted

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Photos by Genau



Spotlight Monday: Ethnic influence

Recently I decided to make a trip to my parent’s homeland of Dominican Republic. My time on the island is always bustling with contradictions as I have to split my time between the capital of Santo Domingo and the small village of Juma-Bonao. Santo Domingo is a bursting city that is attempting its claim as one of the up and coming capitals of the Caribbean, it is very reminiscent of Bangkok for those that have traversed to Southeast Asia. Juma-Bonao on the other hand is very rustic with few paved roads and electricity being the luck of the draw.

All of this has an impact on the style of dress of its people. While I was there I borrowed from the “campesinos” (the name given to people of the country) and wore straw hats along with white dresses to reminisce of the old money daughters. Below are a few examples of different looks that I emulated during my mini vacation. 

Nordstrom - $28.00

Skater dress - $20.70

Lace dress- $31.04

Sundress - $29.16

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Style Post: Mustard and Stripes

 Top- Thrifted- $1.00
Pants: Ellen Tracy by way of Buffalo Exchange- $10.00
Shoes- BCBG by way of TJMaxx- $20 
Bag- Thrifted- $8.00

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Photos courtesy of Genau


Pour Homme: How short can you go?

For some time now, men's shorts have been breaking barriers. Men now show a little more leg cleavage. I can understand how they might need certain parts to have a little extra breathing air ;). Nonetheless, how you style your shorts will determine the outcome of the look. Even-though, I have seen some guys execute great styling with their mini shorts, I still think slightly above the knee works best . 
I added a few looks below as well as links to find similar shorts. 

What do you think guys and gals? Are they to short or is it just right? Lets talk. 

          1            2

4      5

1) Asos
2) Asos
3) Asos
4) Asos 

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Style Post: Silver bullets



Top- Forever21- $5.00
Skirt- Calvin Klein by way of TJMaxx- $10
Shoes- Sam Elderman by way of TJMaxx- $30
Bag- Thrifted vintage coach- $20

Stay Chic, Look Kente 

Photos courtesy of Genau


Spotlight Monday: Monogram Clutch

Every outfit needs an accessory that will complete the entire look. It can range from jewelry, belts, hair pins, but a woman can never leave the house without her bag. Our bags can get heavy and sometimes you just want to carry very few items with you. Clutches were created to do just that. A great way to compact the key items you need, more convenient and ofcourse always a chic factor. A recent trend we see of late are monogram clutches. They are very efficient and to add a little extra glam to it, you can add your initials. 
I was able to gather a few monogram clutches from etsy for you all to pick and chose from. I already have mine in mind. Therefore, if yours comes in the mail before mine, please take a picture of how you styled it and we will do a post on how to style your monogram clutch referencing Look Kente readers. In addition to that, I also included below, how some fashionistas styled their monogram clutch. 


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