Pour Homme: The Trench Effect

Last week while minding my own business at work, a young man walked in looking extremely sharp in his navy blue trench coat. As he walked out, I couldn't help myself but to extend a warm compliment for brightening up my day-partially :). A few weeks ago, a guy I know told me he wanted a long trench coat. Now I thought to myself, "maybe I was meant to do a post on trench coats for guys :)." Well, there you have it fellows, a post just for you all, on the different trench coats you can get and I will try to keep them at maximum $100 or slightly more. Visiting a thrift store can also find you a nice trench at a very good price. If you are lucky, it just might be a famous brand.
With that said, Look Kente will use its Pour Homme section to answer any questions you have in regards to men's style, suggestions you need and most importantly, any styling tips you want to incorporate into your daily looks.

Topman Double Breasted Trench Coat: $150

Topman Double Breasted Wool Blend Trench Coat: $180

Stay Chic, Look Kente

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