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Hello friends,

So there's four things I cannot live without-- God, Family, Friends, and eBay! eBay has been enhancing my life since '08 aka my freshmen year of college. I would go on there and find cute one of a kind things or trends for almost nothing.  Let's just say this only added fuel to my shopping problem and its been a few years since our beautiful relationship began and I'm still obsessed.

Here are some of my fave eBay purchases over the last year or so

    Door Knocker Earings-- $9.50                                        Gold Clip on earrings -- $8.99



KENZO Paris wide leg Pants-- $29.00                         Sequin Dress (great for NYE)-- $29.00

     Hat-- $12.00                                                       Tulle Skirt-- $10.66

See why I love eBay?? Great things for what you probably spent on lunch today.

So here are some of my eBay shopping tips:

1) Be as descriptive as possible ( Just don't search "dresses" instead I would search probably search "Vintage sequin dress" or "Deep V peplum dress." That way it's more specific to the look you're going for.

2) Set a price range (I cannot stress this enough! Set a price range so you don't even have to see things that are out of your budget and you save yourself having to debate over whether or not it's worth it.

3) Verify (eBay sells a lot of brands so make sure you're buying something that it is legit. Usually you can tell buy the item picture posted whether or not it's real and a lot of descriptions will also let you know its not)

4) First, make an offer (If you see something you absolutely cannot live without but the price is way to high, many sellers will allow you to make an offer that is lower that the presented price. Do this! Start low and then gradually go up until you reach your limit. I once saw a jumpsuit that was advertised for $60.00 and ended up getting it for $40.00.)

Let me know if any of these tips work for you or if you have any additional tips to share with me, please do. Until next time-- Happy shopping!

Stay chic, Look Kente

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