Spotlight Monday: The Wrap Dress

Now that the craze and excitement of New York Fashion Week(NYFW) has come to an end, we can look back and analyze some of the beautiful pieces that ran through the different runways. Now as shoppers on a budget, we have to be very mindful of how we spend on these pieces. These designer brands throw out extremely high prices on their products that us regular Jill and Jack can't afford. Now unless you are willing to put aside your lunch money for a whole year, then you can afford one of the beautiful Oscar de la Renta gowns just in time for a fabulous New Years eve bash :). Then again it will be out of season by the time you wear it lol (hmmm future post maybe?). Nonetheless, one of the designers I enjoyed this year was Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). Don't get me wrong I LOVED almost all the designs I saw this year but hers always gets me. Reason being, she has mastered the art of wrap dresses. We can even call her the Queen of wrap dresses because she never fails when it comes to them.

A wrap dress I believe is a staple piece every woman should have. It is simple, looks great on every size and shape, and transitions easily. It can be worn to work as well as a night out in town. We all know happy hours come in handy so if you want to look sexy yet classy, throw on that wrap dress in the morning with a blazer and you are good to go, then take of the blazer at night time, accessorize and can't nobody tell you, you are not sexy! 

DVF constantly gives us that!
See below some of my favorite wrap dresses from her collection and also find similar styles for less.



 Photos courtesy of Silouhettetrends




Photo courtesy of asos.com
4) ASOS PETITE Obi Wrap Midi Dress: $75.28(worth it)

Stay Chic, Look Kente

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