Spotlight Monday: The Advantages of Sales

You all know what they say, "the best things in life are free". Well I say, "the best outfits generate from the sale rack." I woke up Saturday morning, whilst checking my emails as I do every morning, I saw a huge red subject line screaming SALE 70% off!!! Of-course I immediately sat up to read clearly what this sale was about. Now I subscribe to all these different sites such as: Gilt, Bauble Bar, Cusp, and many more just to be updated on discounted items and sales(I suggest you do the same). That morning I received an email from ASOS, which I am quite sure millions of other girls and guys did :). Nonetheless, 70% off! I had to browse! Please see below some of the items I put on my shopping cart. These email reminders help you shop while saving loads of money(it can also empty your pocket if you don't have self control, be careful). Instead of going on a whimsical shopping spree and spending more than expected, I normally put say $100 on the side because, I know I receive updates on sale items therefore, I browse through them and shop within that budget so that I get a bang for my buck. 






As we have alluded several times, spring is right around the corner. Therefore, get your spring colors, dresses, shoes, etc. ready because we are oh-so-over this winter weather. Most of the items on the list are well below $50 dollars each. Therefore, you can pick and choose which ones you love the most and save the rest for later. 
I hope you liked some of my favorite pieces as much as I do. 
Please feel free to comment below your thoughts, send us images of how you styled your pieces if you do decide to shop Asos 70% off sale and we will post them for inspirational looks. 

Stay chic, Look Kente

All images courtesy of asos.com

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