Style Post: Orange Pop

So I had to go to a wedding and wanted to wear something simple yet a tad funky. The wedding was interesting to say the very least (it's a new year, I'm trying my hardest not to throw shade). Any whom I decided to opt for my new fave leopard skirt and my go to statement necklace, which was once a belt but I thought it'd make a great necklace. Because...who wears chain belts in 2014? It was a little chilly outside so excuse the fact that I am standing in one spot for every picture and have no hint of a smile.

Sunglasses-- Forever 21-- $5.80
Belt used as Necklace--Nordstrom Rack-- $18.00
Dress worn as shirt--Buffalo Exchange-- $20.00
Skirt-- Soprano by way of Nordstrom Rack- $18.97
Coat--H&M--$20.00 (major sale)
Shoes-- L.A.M.B by way of  Saks Fifth Avenue OFF Fifth -- $110

Stay chic, Look Kente

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