Style Post

Hi all, choosing the right outfit to a wedding can be quite tricky. You do not want to out stage the bride yet, you want to look extremely fabulous. In my situation, I was attending a small wedding of about 50 guest and this time around I wanted to out stage. I had the chance to out stage the bride since we had two grooms and no bride :). Since I was on a budget, I decided to rely on my closet for something WOW! lets just say I stood out in the crowd! Therefore, my goal was accomplished.

Top: Zara $10
Pants: Forever 21 $10 (by way of buffalo exchange) 
Shoes: Zara $15 
Satchel: Rachel Roy $20 (by way of TJ-Maxx)
Shades: $8 Buffalo Exchange 
My total outfit: $63

As you can see, instead of splurging on one dress, you can spend less on 5 different items.  These different unique pieces can be recycled and re-worn several times. 

Thoughts and questions? Please feel free to comment below. 

Stay chic, Look Kente


  1. Yo Kesh..love the blog..any recommendations on one for the guys though

  2. Hi Daniel, send us what you would to be styled(shopkente@gmail.com) and we can post recommendations for you