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Okay, so you’ve landed here whether by invitation, word of mouth, or just coincidental luck—you are here. What is this blog about? Is it just like every other blog? Well I could sit here and tell you ABSOLUTELY NOT, it’s one of a kind, and not to be compared, it’s way ahead of the curve but... I’m pretty sure you don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what’s different and unique. This blog, my friends, is not different and unique—matter of fact its like most blogs. We’re inspired by soooo many magazines, people, and things its just that we cannot afford what most of them wear (cue tears). So we created this blog to give you a literal look for less

My cohorts and I just graduated college and are on a tight budget, I mean we have to take a shot every time we pay our student loans (more tears). So WE NEED posh, penny-pinching outfits because our entry level positions don’t really allow us to spend $200 dollars on a shirt, that’s taking away from happy hour (you know, the thing that keeps most of us sane). So please join us on this style journey as we explore all things trendy and thrifty. 

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